Do you Remember the Last Time you Tasted Something for the First Time?

Do you Remember the Last Time you Tasted Something for the First Time?

Do you remember the last time you tasted something for the first time? I eavesdropped around and sought after memories about the first time a taste hit your tongue. Bonus / some lo-fi tunes that might grow on you just like that uncharted dish did the first time you tried it. 


Strangely enough, the first tastes I remember the most are the ones I didn’t like. I distinctively remember the first time I tasted blue cheese. The memory stuck with me because I spat it out before it even got past the tip of my tongue. The pungent, sour taste was overwhelming and I vowed I would never touch the stuff again. Over the years, as my adventurous pallet got the best of me, I got so frustrated that there was a food I couldn’t stomach. I would always grind my teeth at picky eaters, or anyone who substituted something in a dish that was the main event. So, one day, I made it my mission to keep blue cheese down.


Having been traveling around South America and knowing little Spanish, I often don't know what I ordered or what someone else ordered for me, but I always confidently nod my head and take a big fork full to the mouth. The other day I had what tasted like a cheesy bed of rice, full of assorted mysterious sea creatures. Everything was going smoothly until I came across an extra obscure looking rubbery piece of cartilage. I hesitantly took a bite and chewed it for what felt like an hour. A sea snail. Tasted exactly like what it is - a sandy blob that scrapes up all the nasty shit at the bottom of the sea. 

I remember the first time I ate scrambled eggs. I was three and we were camping. I ate them off the green Colman, covered in tent dew. Tasted like clouds in my mouth. We caught craw fish too. A very, very distant memory.


I had goat brain in Turkey. It was so gross. It was fried like anything else on the outside, and then the inside was goopy with a whitish purple color. It was exactly what you think a brain would be like.

I had calamari for the first time in 5th grade. It was right after we dissected the squid in class, and right there we breaded it and deep fried it. This was in Cleveland. Mr. Matthews.


Eggplant. I thought it was cooked rat meat but I wasn't allowed to see Twister until I finished.


I remember tasting wasabi because I thought it was guacamole. Made me feel so confused.

I had my first oyster when I was in Florida. I was nervous and slurped it out of a Bloody Mary shot. It's funny thinking about it now and all of the dozens of oysters I eat, this one slipped right down my throat and then I had to stomach the strong tomato-esque vodka taste. 


A root beer float at the Boggle's house. Upon first taste I thought I need to marry this man. I was around 7 years old, he was probably 9. I remember being at the island in his kitchen. Then the following Christmas my mom made me a root beer float because I was inconsolable when Natty ran off to play with Mike before our Christmas traditions began. The universal remedy.  


Rice pilaf. I remember it because I was picky and would only eat plain white rice and my mom would make it separate for me but I guess finally she was like, "shut up try this, you’ll like it". I remember eating it over a placemat with the Armenian alphabet. It was super buttery and perfect. And then I would try anything because I thought it was cool I could "speak" another language ... at 5 years old. 

Tea parties. I would visit my great grandmother, Nana Bee, for tea. There were these little dried ginger slices covered with sugar. I was 4 and continued going for several years every Friday afternoon. 


My dad came back from operation desert storm in Iraq and it was our first time spending time together in awhile. I remember going to Burger King and he told me that my reaction to eating a whopper was the best thing ever. Now it's definitely my favorite place to get a burger. I think the overall experience drove the taste to be better than what it really was.