neala broderick

A Love Letter, and a Taste of Cheese

neala broderick
A Love Letter, and a Taste of Cheese

I met you before I even knew myself. I remember we didn't get along very well at first, but I was determined to make you like me. You were my first challenge and I couldn't resist you. Now that I think about it, this may have a lot to do with my relationship patterns over the more recent years. Once people started to catch on to our toxic bond, I was told to stay away from you. Honestly everyone told me to cut ties and move on, to find someone or something that will treat me better. I just couldn't. I remember ditching class to sneak off and meet up with you, just the two of us. We didn't even have to say a word.

You were just so dynamic. I had never met anyone like you before. Sometimes you were salty, sometimes you were sweet, but you were always there for me, one way or another. When we were apart I could barely think straight. Nothing was the same. I tried to find distractions but they didn't even remotely compare. They were bland and boring, and just left me wanting You could be so cruel to the point of disgust and make me sick. Yet I simply couldn't tear myself away. 

I remember one gorgeous afternoon in May. We spent hours lying in the grass, enjoying each others company. Then you disappeared, without a word. I scoffed home, expecting you to be there waiting for me but you were no where to be found. I was so upset to the point of nausea. I muted my phone and spent the entire evening in bed, wondering why I keep doing this to myself.

After everything we've been through I have to say I'm really proud of us. We've found a way to be civil and show our love in a healthy way. I know where to draw the line with you, as hard as it is, and I think we can finally make this work. I love you forever, cheese. 

Speaking of cheese, let's put my lactose intolerance aside and talk about some homemade Cheez-its that are so incredibly easy to whip up you're going to wonder why you ever buy them on your drunken stroll home.

Photo by JackJelly/iStock / Getty Images

make em~

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Mix everything in your food processor other than the milk

3. After everything else is mixed, gradually add drops of milk to make the batter a bit less crumbly

4. Once you find the right consistency (it will be a bit crumbly but should be able to roll into a ball), roll the batter out on your counter

5. Make it as thick or thin as you'd like, just as long as it is consistent so it doesn't burn

6. Cut the batter into small squares, toss on a baking sheet and bake for 12 minutes! 

7. Eat them all in one sitting and feel super sick after.

you will need ~ 

6 ounces of shredded cheese (I like to mix different kinds like cheddar, gruyere, mozzarella, muenster)

1/4 cup butter, cut in chunks

3/4 cup flour

tablespoon milk

dash of salt

dash of paprika

dash of crushed red pepper flakes