Eat the Menu (of all colors)

Let's take a moment to remember the most successful band out of Iceland; The Sugarcubes. They encompass all of the weird we adore in Bjork's solo work and personality ever so much, with the addition of quirky lyrics and a whole new breed of rock & roll. David Fricke wrote a great article for The Rolling Stone back in '88 about how shockingly cool they are.


When revisiting this song recently I binged it for a week or so. I found myself snacking aggressively every time I watched the music video. My mouth always started wandering by the end. Maybe it had something to do with:

"Have some salad
Bite an apple
Suck an orange
Taste the pate
I'm just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life"

Inspired by Bjork's colorful personality and the idea of being overwhelmed with tasty menu options we're sharing three of our favorite bold colored and flavored pasta dishes.

O & O Eats ~ Fresh Beet Pasta with Beet Pesto