Bobby Hill

"Would it cheer you up, if I stuffed some fig newtons up my nose?"

The one and only Bobby Hill. First off, King of the Hill is one of the best cartoons out there in my opinion. It's so human and mediocre, nothing is over the top and that makes it all the better. I feel like everyone forgets about it, and like most good sitcoms aimed at a younger crowd, you appreciate it much more when you're older. There are so many little snippets that you miss when you're too young. The two creators, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, are the most perfect duo. Having worked on Beavis and Butt-head, Office Space, The Office, and some episodes of the Simpsons, that comes as no surprise. Each character is extremely realistic, as I'm sure there's someone in your life that reminds you of each flawed person.

But, everyones favorite has got to be Bobby. He's simply so lovable and shameless. Whether he's being forced to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes by his dad, devouring a 72-ounce steak in front of the vegetarian girl who broke his heart, or taking a women's self-defense class, we love him all the same. And, most importantly, he's always eating, and often in his underwear. (4).jpg (3).gif (2).png (11).jpg (6).jpg (1).jpg (12).jpg (5).jpg (2).gif (1).gif (9).jpg (5).gif (10).jpg (1).png (8).jpg