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neala broderick

Martin Parr

"I think the ordinary is a very under-exploited aspect of our lives because it is so familiar."

Parr has an amazing way of toying with color that makes you feel uncomfortable, but intrigued. He pairs the most mundane situations and objects into something that reminds you of the bigger picture. When asked what his favorite photograph was, Parr responds with how it is impossible for him to pick one because he only imagines them as projects and a collective. I had an "a ha" moment when I read that and have picked up a new perspective that I'm really happy with.

More specifically, his work with a huge focus on food, Real Food and Common Sense, make you feel more ways than one. You'll forget you're looking at dishes and start to see the people and places behind them first. With each pairing of photos on each page, Parr creates a fluid dialogue from start to finish. Real Food is a cult, raw collection of his food photographs from years of life and travel. Common Sense aims to shine light on the mass consumption in the world, through stereotypes to outlandish images, they bring a real sense of sadness to the page. 

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