neala broderick

The Best Snacks to Eat in Bed & a Playlist to Get Your Ass Out of Bed

neala broderick
The Best Snacks to Eat in Bed & a Playlist to Get Your Ass Out of Bed

I want to say that I’ve been extremely busy with creative projects and new endeavors, but honestly I’ve just been busy having too much fun. Growing up in a vacation dominated community, summers always symbolized carefree freedom. I can’t seem to kick this mindset, despite the fact that summers are when work is the busiest and the simple reality that I’m now apparently an adult and can’t just tune out and sleep on the beach for three months. To be fair, living in Maine we do impatiently wait about 289 days for a snippet of sunshine and perfection, so we’ve earned the right to do whatever we want, right?

For the days when you’re feeling a little worn down and need to draw the curtains and hibernate, we have 7 snacks that are the best for eating in bed. We’re steering clear of crumbs, wrappers, or anything else that will leave your bed looking like you’ve lived there for three consecutive days. 

SOUP ... in a mug

This convenient way to eat/drink soup isn't just for campers. It's for people who live in their beds, too! 


Considering this is an idyllic movie snack it's kind of a given, but its great to eat in bed because it's mess free and you can combine any roasted nuts, dried fruits, and chocolates to your liking.


Thank you Arrested Development for reminding me of this delicious treat. Dip some peeled bananas in chocolate, put a popsicle stick in there and add anything you can think of; pecans, pistachios, almonds, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, pomegranate seeds. The list goes on and on!


I don't think I'm the only one who eats meatballs in one bite, and if I am then you're all wrong. Leave off the messy marinara sauce and opt for a more garlic parmesan path.


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Does anyone else remember these from daycare? Aside from being insanely nostalgic, they're super easy to make and it only takes a couple bites to polish them off which means no crumbs and an easy clean up.


I can't get enough of frozen fruit, especially in the heat of the Summer. I could probably go through a pint of frozen blueberries a day.


If you toss your snack on a toothpick your hands will stay clean and so will your sheets. Whether it be olives, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, roast turkey, pork, or tomatoes, you'll feel extra fancy leaning against your headboard. 

So twelve hours accidentally went by and you're still in a blanket burrito and have had 5-10 meals in bed. Here's a feel good playlist to get you dancin' on out of there.