The Most Nostalgic Snacks

Remember slamming your door shut, shoving your swollen face into your pillow, spewing nonsensical hateful words to whoever was the closest? Remember being so mad that you forgot why you were angry to begin with?

What was the one snack or treat that would cheer you up? The one thing that your parents, sibling, (or whoever pissed you off) could leave by your bedroom door that would make you smile no matter how hard you tried to hold it back.

Simply food that makes you happy - forget about calories and ingredients, remind yourself of times where everything was a little more transparent. Let's throw in this playlist to bump while you daydream about being 14 again with a full belly and not giving any shits. What's there to worry about when you have Semisonic and Imperial Teen in your eardrums?

Root Beer Floats


There's just something about root beer floats that radiates joy. The classic combo hasn't tired itself out, and I'm sure you're just as thankful for that as I am. I remember when I moved into my first apartment with one of my best friends. The first thing some parent's friend of a friend gave us was a janky old TV with a built in VCR. We popped in Chicken Run (it was that or Donnie Darko and our apartment was already spooky enough with the lack of furniture and light fixtures), got take out Chinese food, made root beer floats and sprawled out on our bare carpet. Something about that simple night just reminded me that everything was gonna be alright. 


photo by Joseph Lacy

photo by Joseph Lacy

Of course pizza makes everyone happy. This is a scientific fact. But theres more to pizza than the deliciousness of it - it's also a peace offering. Think about certain fights you've had, times of frustration and sadness, when someone rings your doorbell and through a grin says, "I brought pizza!" all your troubles seem to fade away. Whether it was your parents fighting over who will make dinner and the most logical conclusion is ordering pizza, or the ever so classic pizza party. If you end your night with pizza, it was a good night. It's that simple. 

Ritz Crackers with Mustard & Kraft Singles


This one was often referred to as "daycare snacks" amongst me and my best friends/sisters. Turns out I might be alone on this one but I stand by it. Kind of like DIY Lunchables.

Shitty Sugary Cereal

photo by Joseph Lacy

photo by Joseph Lacy

This one stands as more of a self righteous independent movement. if you were ever mad at your parents, giving them the silent treatment, you could confidently make your own breakfast by pouring milk over a bowl of cereal, your attitude exploding with the "I don't need you" mantra on repeat. 



I'm honestly not even sure if I like pudding. But I sure like eating it. Maybe it's because it's easy to eat and reminds me of post dentist trips, mouth full of novocaine, starving and thirsty but everything seems to just dribble down my chin. Maybe it reminds me of being called out of school early and ignoring my homework. Either way, it reminds me of something good and carefree. 

Hot Dogs


Hot dogs were always more of an activity than a meal. Hot dogs were really just an excuse to have a campfire. They make me think of shitty beer that tastes like stale water, cold hot dog buns, condiments dripping down to my elbow, and oh of course, the best friends I could possibly ever have.

French Fries

photo by Joseph Lacy

photo by Joseph Lacy

As greasy as possible, preferably out of a paper bag in the backseat of a car, with far too many packets of ketchup. Reminds me of having just enough dollars to zoom through a drive thru and get sugar high alongside a stomach ache, late for curfew.

Banana Bread

banana bread-2.jpg

Banana bread is the first thing I remember baking. I think it was with my friend and her mother and I remember my fingers being so sticky and smelling like bananas for the rest of the day. Even if we totally butchered the recipe it somehow still always tasted good. 

Tomato Soup (& Grilled Cheese)

tommmmato soup.jpg

You can picture it, you may even feel it. A gray day. You're playing hooky. Raindrops trickling down the window through a thick clouded sky. But you've got your slippers on, mom let you put on a PG-13 rated movie which is making you blush and snort, and the steam from your tomato soup is making your chin sweat. You take a big slurp and then reach for it's companion - grilled cheese, cause ya can't have one without the other! Tomato soup & grilled cheese is most definitely a universal stimulant. Nothing compares. Nope. Not up for discussion. 



You're told you love pancakes before you even take your first bite. The most ideal breakfast in most everyones eyes; pancakes doused in maple syrup dripping with butter. They kind of symbolism happiness and introduce a perfect day for yourself. 

Freeze Pops

freeze pops.jpg

The epitome of Summer time. Everyone always had their own way of eating a Freeze Pop, whether it was letting it all melt and drinking the "juice" or inhaling all of the syrup out right off the bat only to leave a boring ice stick behind. Either way we'd wait patiently for these sugar sticks to freeze up so we could slurp them down in a second on the front porch, all fighting over the blue and pink. 

Cream Cheese and Jelly Sandwich

crm chzz.jpg

Here is another one that I might be a loner on but I'm sure I can convince you to join me in cream cheese and jelly decadence. I first tried this snack simply because these were the only two things in my fridge, but instantly my eyes lit up when I realized my discovery. 

Eggs in a Basket

eggs in a basket.jpg

Doesn't that just make you smile? Without even taking a bite you'll be bopping in your chair like you're eight again waiting for your magical eggs. 

Chicken Nuggets

chicken nugs.jpg

Last and most certainly not least...the godly chicken nugget. The classic after school snack, the babysitter's dinner, the last hidden box in the back of the freezer. But we know it's all about the condiments. Load it up.